What people say about Everett Mitchell...


Judge Paul B. Higginbotham, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

"Everett Mitchell’s work as an Assistant District Attorney is the exact type of experience one needs to take on the role of a County Circuit Court Judge. Mitchell has handled hundreds of cases, and it was common for him to walk into a courtroom on any given morning with a stack twenty folders deep. That’s real experience that few attorneys possess, and great preparation to handle the caseload of a Circuit Court Judge.” - Judge Paul B. Higginbotham

Judge Gary E. Sherman, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

"County prosecutors spend more time in the courtroom than any other kind of lawyer, and it is excellent training for service on the Circuit Court. Everett Mitchell’s experience in handling such a high volume of cases as an Assistant District Attorney gives me the confidence he will be an asset as a Circuit Court Judge.” - Judge Gary E. Sherman

Judge Brian W. Blanchard, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

"It was a privilege for me, in 2010, to hire Everett Mitchell to represent the people of Wisconsin as an assistant district attorney, and it is a great pleasure now to support him in this campaign for the opportunity to administer justice fairly and impartially as a circuit court judge.” - Judge Brian W. Blanchard

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, 2nd Wisconsin Congressional District

"I enthusiastically support Everett Mitchell for judge. ... Everett brings a fresh voice and perspective to the Dane County Court. I admire the hard work, drive and passion he brings to every effort he works on." - U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan

State Rep. Chris Taylor, 76th Assembly District

"Everett Mitchell is the leader we need on the Dane County Circuit Court. At a time when our constitutional rights are under siege, Everett is a champion for the constitution and the protections it affords all of us." - WI Rep. Chris Taylor

Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive

"Everett Mitchell will bring a much needed perspective to the bench. Everett's integrity, experience, and passion for a fair and just judiciary will serve our community well." - Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive

David Mahoney, Dane County Sheriff

"Everett Mitchell will bring a wealth of knowledge and community experience to the position of Circuit Court Judge at a time when other criminal justice leaders are embracing reforms to be smarter on crime. His voice will be valuable, that is why I support Everett Mitchell for Dane County Judge." - David Mahoney, Dane County Sheriff

Tim Kiefer, former Colleague and Current county Supervisor

"Mitchell and I previously worked together as Dane County assistant district attorneys. In fact, my office was next door to his. Mitchell was a well-respected prosecutor who could be counted on to take difficult cases." (Wisconsin State Journal, November 3rd 2015) " - Tim Kiefer, former Colleague and Current county Supervisor



Everett Mitchell ran for and was elected on April 5th 2016 to Branch 4 of Dane County Circuit Court, which rotates into juvenile cases in July of 2016. He previously served as a Dane County Assistant District Attorney starting in April of 2010, handling hundreds of cases at a time. Tim Kiefer, a former colleague and ADA, shared "Mitchell was a well-respected prosecutor who could be counted on to take difficult cases."

As an ADA, Mitchell worked on cases with people accused of operating while intoxicated, theft, disorderly conduct, battery, bail jumping, obstructing an officer, possession of drugs, lewd and lascivious behavior, prostitution, damage to property, criminal damage, burglary, criminal trespass, endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, and recklessly endangering safety. When he transferred to the domestic violence unit, his prosecutions dealt with battery, aggravated battery, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, and intimidation of witnesses. Mitchell also worked with victim advocates to support those who suffered domestic abuse.

During his campaign, Everett Mitchell was thankful for the support and endorsements of over 40 elected officials, stating "My experience offers me an awareness of the critical issues we face within Dane County. I will look at the facts of each case, one case at a time, and apply the law based on what courts have established. I will work towards justice for all as your Dane County Judge."

Everett still practices as a pro-bono attorney for those in need of representation, and has authored and implemented strategies to cut recidivism rates for ex-offenders. He and his wife Mankah live in Sun Prairie with their two children.


We are proud to have had support from:


Governor Jim Doyle and Jessica Doyle

Judge Paul B. Higginbotham, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

Judge Gary E. Sherman, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

Judge Brian W. Blanchard, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals

Judge Louis B. Butler Jr, Wisconsin Supreme Court 2004-2008

Judge H. Nia Eneumoh-Trammel, Administrative Judge

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, 2nd Wisconsin Congressional District

Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive 

Kathleen Falk, Former Dane County Executive

David Mahoney, Dane County Sheriff

State Rep. Melissa Sargent, 48th Assembly District

State Rep. Chris Taylor, 76th Assembly District

State Rep. Terese Berceau, 77th Assembly District

State Rep. Lisa Subeck, 78th Assembly District

State Rep. Dianne Hesslebein, 79th Assembly District

State Rep. Sondy Pope, 80th Assembly District

State Rep. Robb Kahl, 47th Assembly District

Sharon Corrigan,  Chair of the Dane County Board of Supervisors 

Timothy Kiefer, Dane County Supervisor

Dorothy Krause,Dane County Supervisor

John Hendrick, Dane County Supervisor

Heidi Wegleiter, Dane County Supervisor

Kyle Richmond, Dane County Supervisor

Leland Pan, Dane County Supervisor

Al Matano, Dane County Supervisor

Jeff Pertl, Dane County Supervisor

Jenni Dye, Dane County Supervisor

George Gillis, Dane County Supervisor

Cliff Erickson, Dane County Supervisor

Mary Kolar, Dane County Supervisor

Paul Nelson, Dane County Supervisor

Adam Gallagher, Dane County Treasurer

Mayor Paul Esser, City of Sun Prairie

Mayor Steve Arnold, City of Fitchburg

Barbara McKinney, City of Madison Alder

Rebecca Kemble, City of Madison Alder

Denise DeMarb, City of Madison Alder,Council President

Maurice Cheeks, City of Madison Alder,Council President Pro Tem

Mike Verveer, City of Madison Alder

Sheri Carter, City of Madison Alder

Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, City of Madison Alder

Marsha Rummel, City of Madison Alder

Sara Eskrich, City of Madison Alder

Zach Wood, City of Madison Alder

David Ahrens, City of Madison Alder

Ledell Zellers, City of Madison Alder

Chris Schmidt, City of Madison Alder

Amanda Hall, City of Madison Alder

Al Guyant, City of Sun Prairie Alder

William E. Conners, City of Sun Prairie Alder

Marilyn Peebles Ruffin, City of Sun Prairie School Board

Mary Kay Baum, City of Madison School Board


Law Enforcement Community

Susan Riseling - UW Madison Chief of Police
Chuck Foulke - Middleton Chief of Police
David Couper - Retired MPD Police Chief
Noble Wray - Retired MPD Police Chief
Cheri Maples - Attorney, Retired MPD Captain of Training and Personnel
Lester Moore - City of Madison Police Officer
Ken Snoody - City of Madison Police Officer
Greg Rossetti - City of Madison Police Officer


Judges and Attorneys

Judge Paul B. Higginbotham, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals
Judge Gary E. Sherman, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals
Judge Brian W. Blanchard, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals
Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg, Wisconsin Fourth District Court of Appeals
Judge Louis B. Butler Jr, Wisconsin Supreme Court 2004-2008
Judge H. Nia Eneumoh-Trammel, Administrative Judge
David Hart - Attorney - Assistant State Public Defender, Wisconsin
Sara Kelton-Brelie - Attorney - Assistant State Public Defender, Wisconsin
Barbara Franks - Assistant District Attorney, Dane County
Emily Thompson - Assistant District Attorney, Dane County
Hal Harlow - Former District Attorney, Dane County
Sir Williams - Former Assistant District Attorney, Dane County
Beth Cox - Municipal Court Judge, Oregon
Todd Meurer - Municipal Court Judge, Madison, Middleton, Verona - Retired Dane County Court Commissioner
Eileen Harrington - Attorney, Retired Executive Director of the Federal Trade Commission
Tamara B. Packard - Attorney
Marilyn Townsend - Attorney
Lester Pines - Attorney
Keith Clifford - Attorney
Linda Clifford - Attorney
Terry Polich - Attorney
Brigid Daly - Attorney
Jeff Scott Olson - Attorney
Michael Fox - Attorney
Doug Poland - Attorney
John Raihala - Attorney
Michele LaVigne - Attorney
Truscenialyn Brooks - Attorney
Mel Barnes - Attorney
Elise Clancy Ruoho - Attorney
Matthew Lind - Attorney
Mike Schmidt - Attorney
Dan O'Callaghan - Attorney
William White - Attorney
Michael Short- Attorney
Syovata Edari - Attorney
Yolanda Woodward - Attorney
Stan Woodward - Attorney
Virginia M. Bartelt - Attorney
David Sparer - Attorney
Sam Owens - Attorney
Dean Strang - Attorney
Joseph Hill - Attorney
Joseph Thomas - Attorney
Nick Watt - Attorney
Erica Sweitzer-Beckman - Attorney
Carl Hampton - Attorney
Michael Luttig - Attorney
Rebecca St. John - Attorney
Ed Hughes - Attorney
Bill Dixon - Attorney
Amy Dixon - Attorney
Henry Sanders - Attorney
Barbara Frank - Attorney
Jeff Spitzer-Resnick - Attorney
James Youngerman - Attorney
Nancy Youngerman - Attorney
Cynthia Hirsch - Attorney
Jeff Vercauteren - Attorney


Interfaith Leaders

Reverend Michael Schuler - First Unitarian Society
Bishop Harold Rayford - The Faith Place Church in Sun Prairie
Reverend Alex Gee - Fountain of Life Covenant
Reverend David Couper - St Peter's Episcopal Church
Dharma Teacher Cheri Maples - Center for Mindfulness and Justice
Pastor Kenneth Spears - First Saint John Cathedral
Pastor Dante Quick - Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
Reverend Joseph Baring - ST. Paul AME Church


Community Members

Mankah Mitchell
Mary Williams
Mary Lang Sollinger
Michael Basford
Rick Terrien
Nino Amato
Scott Resnick
Linda Ketcham
Salli Martyniak
June Brown
Nolan Brown
Jerome Flowers
Amelia Royko Maurer
Nathan Royko Maurer
Mike Martez Johnson
Adam Porton
Lynn Lee
Laura Gallagher
Kari Schrage
Lisa Hull
Susan Schmitz
Ernise Williams
Caliph Muab'El
Norm Littlejohn
Russell King
Yolanda Thompson
Lorie Raihala
Leslie McAllister
Jeanne F. Erickson
Katherine Stanford
Duncan Basson
Fred Svensson
Valerie Kazamias
Kate Thornbery
Erica Caldwell Colmenares
Karin Silet
Angela Stryck
Barbara Frank
Georgia Manning
Greg Jones
Gregory Guice
Alison Jones Chaim
JR Sims
Barbara Sanford
Z! Haukness
Scott Hauersen
Lynn Miller
Kristin Dewey
Cheryl Casey
Velma Jackson
Michelle Ellinger
Jackie Npauj Nyiag Yang
Jonathan Garber
Barbara Whitney
Myra Milton
Agnes Watkins
Laurel Kailin
Jay Gold
Peter Kleppin
Jen Rubin
Whitley Monique House
Keri Kerkenbush
Naomi Chesler
Glenna Dent
Orinda Cary
Dernisha Moore
Matt Koz
Judith Wilcox
Walter P. Parrish III
Cheri Dubiel
Kim Fisher
Tia Neal
Ann Ahearn
Alisha Steele
Joyce W Crim
John Jones
Jackie Austin
Kate Hewson
Nura Capriglione
Bill Lauer
Stephen Braunginn
John Mix
Jerry Cook
Karen Cook
Renee Lauber
Denise Boss
Nadine Wright
Jane Volking
Dolores Kamm
Camy Matthay
Elizabeth Bruno
Brad Schneider
Elizabeth Ekola
Al Guyant
Pat Guyant
Mary Bell
Susan Shedivy
Jennifer Cheathem
Patrick Farabaugh
Winton Boyd
Jack Daniels
Andy Gussert
Lisa Stefanik
Charlie Daniel
Chuck Stonecipher
Donna Bestman
Nasra Wehelie
Gail Jacob
Jayne Mullins
Lisa Roling
Kathleen Hoppe
Becky Schigiel
Jackie Ennenbach
Angela Spears
Adam Tupper
Adele Brumfield
Adrianna Pergano
Adrius Lawson
Alan Cormack
Alex Fralin
Annette Miller
Anthony Timmons
Alexander McGowan
Angela Winston
Artrai Tatum
Beth Tryon
Audrey Simonson
Astra Iheukumere
Anthony Wade
Brian Russell
Barry Hayes
Bill Vivian
Bianca Baldridge
Becky Siegel
Elton Crim
Bonnie Augusta
Sheila Spear
Emmett Woodward
Erica Nelson
Erika Bach
Erica Liu
Eric Lavendar
Dr. Floyd Rose
Barb Sanford
Scott Knickelbine
Ron Baeseman
Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores
Diane Wheeler
Joanna Donovan
Lexy Ware
Matthew Braunginn
Bert Zipperer
Stacey Kornegay
Erica Dixon
Shawnae Howard
Marilyn Peebles Ruffin
Clyde O'Brien Mayberry
Janice Toliver
Susan Pastor
Sue Breckenridge
Laurel Finn
Katy Farrens
Alia Stevenson
Teresa Martell
Bonnie Murphy
Savion Castro
Stephanie D'costa
Jessica Smith
Donna Vukelich-Selva
Shameka Powell
Alison Brooks
Dace Zeps
Kathleen O'Connell
Timothy Cordon
Joan Kemble
Jim Swisher
Martha Kemble
Peter Fillipi
Heather Habermann
Henry Steinberger
Randi Christensen
Ron Wolfe
Paul Lindquist
Gina Pagel
Jeff Ekola
Susan Michetti
Carol Callahan
Joy Morgen
Patricia Fleming
Beth Whittemore
Glenn Schmidt
Leanne Puglielli
Alyssa Kenney
Sharon Palmer
Stephen Tupper
Alan Furnas
Rick Flowers
Katherine Davey
Hal Harlow
Dianne Harlow
Sara Alvardo
Carol Esser
Paul Esser
Scot Ross
Catherine Dorl
India Viola
Anita Young
Brandi Grayson
Brian Liddicoat
Broderick Young
Bryan Foster
Brenda Lofton
Camara Clayton
Candace McDowell
Chuck McDowell
Carl Hampton
Carola Gaines
Carmen Porco
Buwa Baldeh
Catherine Dorl
Cathy Kaplan
Celia Jackson
Charles Billings
Charles Benton Jr
Charles H. Brown
Charlie Jones
Cheryl Henderson
Chris Schmidt
Christopher Long
Christopher Middleton
Leslie Peterson
Christy Middleton
Chuck Martin
Deenah Marie Givens
Gloria Reyes
Laurie Burgos
Ann Franke
Sara Goldrick-Rab
Carlene Bechen
Laurene Bach
Evelyn Jackson
Dwight McDonald
Maureen Brady
Charity Grant
Kevin O'Malley
Jesse Pycha-Holst
Erica Sweitzer-Beckman
Erica Dixon
Shawnae Howard
Rhonda Calhoun
Chquota Weis
Jacqueline DeWalt
David William Henzie Skogen
Liam Manjon
Diane Schwartz
Kevin O'Malley
Eric S. Upchurch II
Arvid Berge
Lisa Marine
Louka Patenaude
Sharon Kilfoy
Josh Jenkins
Anthony D Ward
Deb Rogers
Leyla Sanyer
Donna Lynn Cary
Lorraine Caines
Stephanie Steigerwaldt
Rhonda Calhoun
Jeff Spitzer-Resnick
Jeremy J Ryan
Krystal Washington
Erica Anderson
Daniel J. Glymph
Ruth Ellickson
Leanne Tuglielli
Gayle Hoepner
Sue Stanton
Nicki Cooper
Carlos Chacon
Nia Trammell
Diane Michalski Turner
Betsey Day
David Knutzen
Betty Knutzen
Jenna Jacobson
Amanda Peterson
Lucy Gibson
Julie Schwellenbach
Mike Jacobs
Helene Nelson
Keith Wessel
Kathryn M. Simmons
John Lemke
Wendy Cooper
Joseph Baring
Julie Melton
Jacob Hanifl
Kris Rasmussen
Dan Brown
Stephanie Rearick
Lorrie Hurkis
Ali Dwyer
Joan Martin
Cindy Thiesenhusen
Claude Gilmore
Claude Russell
Colier McNair
Connie Kilmark
Corey Stephan
Craig Spalding
Darrell Bazzell
David Giffey
Dr. Rueben Anthony
Dean Gorell
Deb Curry
Deborah Mason
Deena Wright
Dennis Baskin
Derek Smith
Don Haush
Don NelsonEd Hughes
Ed Murray
Eldonna Haslom
Margot Kennard
Dorothy Sanchez
Doug Strubb
Mary Yeater Rathbun
Donte Hilliard
Yolanda Thompson
Frankie Lee Honey
Raj Shukla
Antoinette Neal
Andy Jones
Deborah Mulligan
Tia Neal
R. Wolfe
Nancy Dodge
Nila Frye
Brigid Daly
Jennifer lewis
Jim Feldman
Henry Young
Ella Brown
Shunta Braxton-Lewis
Rebecca Webb-Marshall
Loretta Sias
Lynn Urban-Lehr
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Felicia Clark
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Susan Stanton
Leslie Luttig
Tammi Younger-Brown
Hedi LaMarr Rudd
Raj Shukla
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Phillicia Akins
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Jeanne Leccia Erickson
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Virginia Harrison
Oleka Parker
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Susan Stern
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